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There are several options of entrepreneurship in Belarus.
These are: registration of a new company, purchasing of a registered company or shares thereof (part of its authorized capital), registration of a representative office or participation in the privatization of a state-owned enterprise.

We have accumulated a considerable experience in the corporate law and local corporate relationships which allows us to offer support of procedures of company registration, business incorporation through share purchase or and mergence and acquisition (M&A).

The Legal Company Yukon LLC offers:
– Consultancy in the choice of an optimal company legal organizational form (form of incorporation) with due regard for business type and corporate structure;
– Consultancy on taxation and peculiarities of doing business in Belarus;
– Consultancy on taxation of dividends of foreign participants (founders);
– Consultancy in the law of customs;
– Case-specific preparation of company foundation documents;
– Support of company registration procedure;
– Support of post-registration procedures.

We also perform legal audit of companies to be acquired, take part in negotiations, carry out risk assessment and develop optimal business entry schemes.

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Management company services

How to create a company in Belarus?
What do you need to start?

You should choose a kind of business and collect information about this business:
– is it necessary to get license?
– how you gonna operate this business and your future company?
– how you gonna be taxed?

We can help you to get answers to this questions, to create a company, to provide an accounting service, to get license, to get permission to work and visa.

There are some branches of business which are licensed. For example, medicine, realtor service, gambling business, alcohol trading, etc.
Before you start business you should clearly know whether you must get license and how you can get it.

There are two system of tax payment: regular system and simplified system. In the regular system of tax payment you should pay VAT, profit tax, land tax, ect.
In the simplified tax system you should pay standart percent of income, for example 5%. The simplified tax system is the easiest. But there are the branches of business in which you can’t use it. This is rent business, jewelry trading, lottery, banking, insurance company.

To tell which tax payment system is suitable for your business we need to know:
– estimate monthly income;
– estimate monthly fees;
– estimate monthly payrolls;
– branch of your business.

There are two ways how you can operate the company. You can employ Belarusian manager or foreign citizen as a director. To employ foreign citizen as a company director you should get a work permission for this person. It takes about 45 days.

We recommend you the following organizational structure:
1. Private enterprise
2. LLC

About Private enterprise:
There is only one founder;
– The founder can be CEO;
– You choose yourself the size of the authorized fund (minimum is 1 Belarusian rouble);
– If you will sell the private enterprise it will be more difficult than to sell LLC.

About LLC:
– There is at last one and at most fifty founders;
– The founder can be CEO;
– You choose yourself the size of the authorized fund (minimum is 1 Belarusian rouble).

What we need to start:
– The name of the company. You should send us the name and we check if it is free.
– The legal address. It’s prohibited to have the same legal address to several companies. You can rent an office or you can have a legal address without placing, it means you cannot work there.
– The authorized fund. There isn’t minimum size of authorized fund. We recommend you 1 000 000 Belarusian rouble.
– The founder’s passport. We need a copy of your passport. The copy should be legalized and notarized. In Belarus we will translate it and notarize this translation.
– If you gonna have an LLC and there will be two or more founders we need to know the share of holders.

There are two ways to apply the documents to the company registration:
– A personal one. The founder should come to Belarus.
– Be attorney. We will send you the text of power of attorney. You should notarize and legalize it. Then you should send the power of attorney to us. We will translate it and notarize this translation.

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