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How to protect the information of your company, partners and contractors?

Sooner or later, any successful company faces this problem. Information has a special value in the field of high technology.

What can we offer to protect your data? We will develop the following protection schemes:

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    Non-disclosure agreement/ NDA

    NDA for confidential information can be signed by:

    • staff members;
    • contractors (both by companies and individuals);
    • potential and current customers;
    • consultants, auditors;
    • potential and current investors.
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    Limiting the activity of HeadHunter competitors

    Companies may enter into agreements to limit actions to lure employees. A measure of liability for violation of this Agreement may be as follows:

    • compensation for losses;
    • fine, which is determined by the parties.
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    Non-competition аgreement

    A company can conclude a non-competition agreement with an employee. According to such an agreement during a certain period of time an employee may be prohibited to do the following:

    • to work for competing organization under labor or civil law contracts;
    • to compete with the company as an individual entrepreneur;
    • to register a legal entity or acquire a share stake in a legal entity competing with the company;
    • to become a leader or a member of the board of a competing company.

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