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Legal Company YUKON can serve as the head of a company. We’ll conclude a contract for the transfer of management company functions, and you’ll be able to take care of the production, and leave the solution of bureaucratic issues to us.

We’ll take over the following issues as:

  • Negotiations with contractors;
  • Monitoring the work of contractors;
  • Communication with a tax authority and other government agencies;
  • Communication with the Hi-Tech Park;
  • Engaging of partners: accountants, auditors, translators, HR agents
  • Opening of bank accounts;
  • Current budget preparations.

We can additionally provide the next services:

  • Treaty-making;
  • Provision of legal advice;
  • Legal services on a permanent basis;
  • Employee record-keeping;
  • Other legal services;
  • Receiving and sending correspondence.

The management company services do not include:

  • Recruitment of personnel;
  • Search for customers and sales markets;
  • Marketing research.

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